Toronto Fringe: Getting in & out of Scientology in the hilarious, heartbreaking, irreverent Squeeze My Cans

life with more cowbell

Cathy Schenkelberg. Sound & production design by Victoria (Toy) Deiorio. Photo by Michael C. Daft.

Squeeze My Cans presents Squeeze My Cans, the true story of Cathy Schenkelberg’s indoctrination into and exit from Scientology—a multimedia solo show trip that is by turns hilarious, heartbreaking, irreverent, infuriating and terrifying. Written and performed by Schenkelberg, and directed by Shirley Anderson, the show previewed at the St. Vladimir Institute last night and opens tonight.

When Nebraska-born, Chicago/LA-based actor, singer, voice-over artist Cathy Schenkelberg got on board the Scientology ship, she did—as many do—with the aim of self-improvement and spiritual awakening, to balance her life and career. Heart and mind open to a world of wonderful possibilities as she takes us with her on this journey, her eyes become open to the darker side of the organization and its negative impact on her life and relationships. Enthusiastic engagement turns to desperate anxiety as…

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Animal Rights VS an Animal’s Rights Trouble in vegan paradise

One Vegan Army

Recently, I was fired from my job in a humiliating and degrading way. I was harassed by a private security firm and banned from having anyone even help me move out – all whilst I was on sick leave from the stress and anxiety caused at my work place. I smuggled my wife and animal family off the property under the cloak of night (seriously) as I was worried for their safety. My job was an ‘animal care giver’ at a farm sanctuary. The sanctuary’s motto is “Compassion For All”.

No, I wasn’t caught abusing animals. I didn’t hurt anybody, I didn’t break any laws, I didn’t do any of the things you would think of that would deserve that kind of treatment. What I did was try to fix a broken sanctuary, and for that I was punished, big time. Eventually, as every other avenue failed, and despite every…

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